Monday, July 26, 2004

No new column this week

I am saving my strength for the daily freeway grind. It wipes me out. Too  tired for any opinining of my own. However, it's a good time to review some of the classic oldies from back in May here.  

Meanwhile, I've been embarking on a little freeway destressification of late that includes some rather drastic action. I have been _ you better sit down for this _ been taking the bus some days. If you're interested in how this little bus taking experiement is going, I suggest you stay tuned for Sunday's column, where all will be revealed.

Next week, I am going to the Unity conference in DC and am taking the whole week off. I will not have a column that following week. So don't think I'm slacking.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Oh crap.

Blogger changed its interface and I can't find all the tools for bolding, and linking, and italicizing, and other stuff. So, to see that last column, go to the Daily News site ( and scroll all the way to very bottom to find my place of (dis)honor. That link will take you to many of the recent columns.

On an unrelated note and to reassure those of you worried about my health: I do not have back cancer after all. It turns out that in addition to a severely strained muscle, I have also developed a bad case of hypocondriacism. There is no cure.

Eyesore alert

Heaven knows LA hasn't been known for it's architectural sense. That's why I truly believe the city needs a Deputy Mayor of Beauty (props go to Dave Z. of Copley News for coining the phrase, although his version was Deputy Mayor of Ugly). Read all about it CLICK RIGHT HERE.

One reader suggest that I forget the Staples complex and focus on something that a bigger eyesore across the city -- above ground utility poles.

DW writes: "If you're ever appointed to be LA's Commissioner of
Eye Out for Eyesores, please deal with something that
affects the WHOLE town (Valley included), not just a
few blocks in downtown Los Angeles. I'm referring to
what the residents of San Diego, based on the clipping
below, apparently have the good sense to deal
with---finally and belatedly---in a savvy, ambitious

As someone who has one in her backyard (and right outside my bedroom window), I have to agree:

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Summer daze

I blame the heat. Here now find the link to my latest column, on cyber cafes, gang bangers and how the city deal with both. Please note that in the eiting process the word "emoticons" was changed without my knowledge to "emotions," thus making the sentence senseless.

Here's the link.

Couple weeks before, I had a column on how politics are cool again for the Gen X set. (And they called us Slackers!) Check it out here.

Also, stay tuned for my exciting column this Sunday on how ugly buildings get built and why the city need a Deputy Mayor of Beauty and for a post here on my bold experiment of taking public transportation to the Valley.