Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hello J. 310 class,

In this post, find some helpful tips for blogging at blogger.

First, remember that blogs are all about links. A link is a web site URL embedded in a post. When a reader clicks on a particular word, the embedded hyperlink takes them to the new site.

To add a hyperlink is simple. Merely highlight the word or words you want to link to some where, such as my favorite blog,, then click the strange planet Earth/chain link icon on the tool bar above this text (just to the right of the T). It will give you a box to write in the link. It's that easy.

HINT: Make sure you try your links to see if they worked. One wrong letter can make it invalid.

Text blocks
Many blocks excerpt the news stories they reference and link to in order to entice readers with the most salient parts. Bloggers generally note that this is a quote, and not their own words (thus avoiding plagiarism accusations) by marking it as a text block. To do that, copy and paste the text to your post, highlight it, and click the quote mark button on the tool bar above this text (just to the right of the check mark).

This is what a text bock should look like. Make sure all excerpts are in text block format or no one will be able to tell what's yours and what you borrowed.



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