Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Eyesore alert

Heaven knows LA hasn't been known for it's architectural sense. That's why I truly believe the city needs a Deputy Mayor of Beauty (props go to Dave Z. of Copley News for coining the phrase, although his version was Deputy Mayor of Ugly). Read all about it CLICK RIGHT HERE.

One reader suggest that I forget the Staples complex and focus on something that a bigger eyesore across the city -- above ground utility poles.

DW writes: "If you're ever appointed to be LA's Commissioner of
Eye Out for Eyesores, please deal with something that
affects the WHOLE town (Valley included), not just a
few blocks in downtown Los Angeles. I'm referring to
what the residents of San Diego, based on the clipping
below, apparently have the good sense to deal
with---finally and belatedly---in a savvy, ambitious

As someone who has one in her backyard (and right outside my bedroom window), I have to agree:


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