Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Posting photos and images

Hello J. 310 students. In this entry we learn about posting images.

This is Chuy. He was my sweet fat cat -- 15 pounds! -- who was eaten by three coyotes in April.

It was very easy to post this photo. Here are the steps I took:

1) I copied the photo I wanted to put on the blog post on my hard drive in "My Pictures" folder.

2) I created a new blog entry.

3) Before I wrote anything, I clicked the photo icon on the tool bar above (third button in from the right).

4) A pop-up window appeared and asked me to "Browse" for the photo I wanted to post, which I found in the "My pictures" folder on my hard drive. I clicked on it.

5) In that same pop-up window, I chose the photo layout I wanted (such as, on the left with text wrapped around), and agreed to terms of use. Then I clicked "Upload photo."

6) Photo was uploaded unto my new post, and I just started typing next to it. Then I saved and that was it.

You can also go to the official Blogger.com help page for posting pictures by clicking this embedded link.