Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stop the (campaign mailer) presses

This year's primary election was remarkable in its amount of campaign mailers. I have lived in California all my voting life and at this address for nearly four years and have never had the amount of slick mailers begging for my vote that I did this year. Every day my mailbox was loaded down with a small stack of appeals from state assembly candidates, the governor guys, various PACs and voting groups and school board candidates. Apparently even that wasn't enough as I got several mailers stuck directly in my fence. I vowed to not vote for the candidates who sent the most junk to my house.

Here's a short list of the goofiest campaign mail I received:
- A paperback book by the candidate who is related to Cesar Chavez.
- A pink fridge magnet from GloMo advertising the county's 2-1-1 call service.
- A glossy photo of Kevin de Leon with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
- A watercolor portrait of Steve Westly.
- A mailer featuring JFK sailing on a boat (The democrats really need to get a new icon. That one has been dead longer than most of the voters in my district have been alive.)


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