Thursday, June 01, 2006

Isn't it ironic?

It took the denouncing of me and my Sunday column about the LAPD blog to make the LAPD blog interesting. Mary Grady fires back here. Good for her! That's what will take the blog beyond just a PR machine.

And re: this "factual error" that folks keep bandying about. I never indicated the source of the Web redesign money in the column, I merely made a crack later on in the column about spending taxpayer money. Yet that's what folks are quibbling about, not the overall sum. The result is that it seems its ok to spend provate donations friviously, even though the people who donated the money (who, I suspect are taxpayers like the rest of us) would want that money used sensibly. Just a guess. Anyhow, despite the abuse heaped on me, I'm glad that this generated some outraged response.


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