Monday, April 03, 2006

From the mail bag

Last week, my column returned to the Sunday Viewpoint section, from whence it came, with an article on the immigration debate. And with it came a tide of mail that continued this week as well with another column about the immigration debate. This time, I've actually managed to convince a few people to quit the paper.
Here's an excerpt of the nasty-grams:
And be sure to publish your home address in the newspaper, too, Ms. Garza, so you can share all you have with everyone. But you won't. As a newspaper writer, you probably live in a reeeeal nice neighborhood, perhaps a gated one. There are no chickens clucking next door to YOU. YOU don't have to listen to Mariachi music blasting until 2:00 a.m. If you have kids, they probably go to private school. The Daily News probably gives you real good health insurance, too. No, YOU won't be the one waiting for hours in an emergency room crowded with illegals. YOUR child will never come home from school saying, "Mommy, I didn't learn anything today because the teacher put all us English-speaking kids in the corner to read quietly while she worked with the Spanish language kids all day." Neither will your child come home crying because some illegal classmate told him or her to "go back to Africa" or "go back to Europe"...right before beating the leaving daylights out of him/her.

You know what, Ms. Garza? I've never said anything this harsh to anyone in my life, but screw you. SCREW YOU and your pious preaching! You can go to hell.
For the record, after I responded to this writer thanking her for the note, she apologized for the nastiness.


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