Monday, May 17, 2004

It's reader mail time again

I only have to mention the words "Latino" "Mexican" or "Cesar Chavez" in a column to stir up the intolerance of many readers. I did a lot more than that in Sunday's column on Latinophobia. In response, I was treated with the clogged up e-mail monday morning with nasty notes, including the usual "go back to where you came from" requests. (Where? Indiana? San Diego? My mother's womb?)

Happily, all that venom only proved my point, which is there's a lot of tension out there.

Here's an excerpt from the scariest letter I received. It's from Mike in Manhattan Beach which is, for those not local among you, a very white south county enclave.

(Oh, and you can read the column here)

Latinophobia, in my case: fear that these miscreants will continue to invade the beach cities and I will be forced to see the same liquor store parking lot urination that I see on Sunset Boulevard and in the San Fernando Valley. I fear that the graffiti that these untermenchen disfigure the landscape with will spread to where I live. Actually, it has already. I fear hearing overpowered sound systems in vehicles driving down our streets polluting the surroundings with noise. I fear the litter that these subhuman scum will so overload our beaches that it will break the budgets of the cities cleaning it up. They have no concept of what a trash can is for. I don't think they have any concept of what a rest room is for, either. They think that disposable diapers are to be thrown out windows or onto the sand on the beach, as if they will disappear. That material does disappear, but at a cost to taxpayers. I fear the closing of more emergency rooms due to overload and I also fear having to use an emergency room for an actual emergency because ERs are the primary health care provider of latinos. I fear going into the cocktail lounge where I have been going for over 20 years and having to (again) watch some salvadoran scum expectorate on the carpet repeatedly. I fear not being able to order a simple hamburger in English because the jobs that should be manned by fresh faced American kids are being done by 18 year old latins with 2 or 4 kids to support. I fear for the stereo in my truck, they almost got it last time. Oh yes, I saw who was trying to do it. I fear for my bicycles because I understand that the border jumpers are told to make the first thing they do when they get here is steal a bicycle (I've lost a number of them). I fear the gang influence and its impact on our country. I fear the growing tax burden that I will have to bear to house these border jumpers in our jails. I also fear the tax burden that is coming because they are outbreeding Americans. The reality is the sows jump the border nine months pregnant and waddle off to the first emergency room they can find and drop a brand new American citizen. Oh you don't think so? Do a little homework, talk to some ER personnel. I fear the clown houses moving further west with their 30 illegal aliens living in a 2 bedroom place. I fear some drunk mexican on a Friday slamming into my vehicle and killing me. This is the reality of immigration, M. Garza. This is reality.
I could rant for a lot more, but I think you may have the idea by now. Or not. "Phobia". Yes, I'm very afraid. And I do not welcome the reconquista idea one bit.

FYI, my Austrian coworker tells me that untermenchen, is a word the Nazis used quite a bit to refer to the jews.


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