Monday, February 23, 2004

My No. 1 anti-fan strikes again!

The leader of the "I Hate Mariel" club, sent another missive. Here it is:

I'm curious why you run columns written by Mariel Garza this section.
The obvious answer would be you want different view points; but can't
you please up the standards a bit? Recently she wrote a shallow and
moronic opinion that the Salsa dance is the solution to our social
ills. Now she tops that with her sappy, syrupy, and delusional views on
the "Sex and the City" show. I would assume this person may be a young
intern that you're trying to give a break to, except she appears to be
35-40 by her photo. Regardless, her columns seem more appropriate for
the comics section. Letters from your readers are much more intelligent
and inciteful.

Thank you,

Rich Dunchak

I do NOT look 40. The nerve!!!


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