Monday, February 09, 2004

Salsa saves the world
Here is a link to my lastest column about salsa dancing. In case you don't get it, as the reader who sent me the nasty note below, this is supposed to be light and whimsical.

I get a lot of notes from readers, most are nice and complimentary, sometimes offering tips or making suggestions for other columns. But sometimes I guess I hit a nerve, even though my columns are generally light and meant to inspire chuckles. Those generally verge on the "you're-just-a-stupid-girl" or "you're-just-a-stupid-ethnic-person" rants. Sometimes I even get both!

Here's the most recent one:
"I'm guessing your silly, simplistic article was meant to be humorous,
or else a plug for some of your friends' local bars.

If you were the slightest bit serious then you are incredibly naive,
which doesn't surprise me. You see, first generations born here from
immigrants are just so damn happy to be here they believe any major
problems can be "solved" by getting boozed up and going dancing. Much,
much easier than diversity training and cultural sensitivity seminars!

I'm speaking from experience. I grew up back east and all the Slavs and
Poles used to think the same way about the Polka back there. They'd get
boozed up and dance through the wee hours all weekends. Then it was back
to their non-thinking jobs in the mills and the mines, much like your
people out here in the fields. Your implying that dancing can be more
beneficial than education is truly shallow and ludicous.

Keep your article for your children or grandchildren to read. I think
they'll find it as amusing as I did!


Ha! My people in the fields?


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